999 Itch Relief Eczema Ointment


It all began with a scratch here and there. Right around April of this year, my daughter started scratching her right elbow. She told me it was itchy and I just put moisturizer on it thinking it was no big deal. She continued to scratch her elbow throughout the week until a small rash developed. I rubbed some itching cream and she would stop itching for a day and then started scratching her elbow all over again. 

At the time, I didn't know anything about eczema. I heard about it but didn't know how bad it was until my daughter had elbow eczema. What started as a small rash turned into an agonizing months of intense itching that caused her skin to bleed. Then her left elbow got eczema too. So from April til now, I've researched and tried countless remedies that barely worked. I even spent $18 on a tiny 1 oz organic herbal ointment. Do you know how little is 1 oz? That bottle was about the size of my thumb. I was so convinced it was going to cure my daughter's eczema based on the ingredients and the fact that it was developed by 2 dermatologists who had kids with eczema. What a big disappointment!

I did everything I could think of to prevent my daughter from scratching especially in her sleep at night. I would tape down her sleeves so she couldn't pull them up to scratch. I wrapped cloths around her elbow. I tried organic shea butter, coconut oil, Moroccan oil, cortisone, natural itching creams, excluded citrus fruits from her diet, and removed potential allergy foods. Nothing worked. The closest thing that worked was cortisone but it only provided temporary relief. I hated how the cortisone cream was thinning and drying out her skin so I tried not to use it as much as possible. 

I considered acupuncture as my last resort. I had heard about it but thought it was too expensive. By October, I was getting too frustrated with how badly my daughters elbows were, I yelped around different acupuncture clinics but the price per visit was a jaw dropping high. $80 per visit. Reviewers say it took them around 2-3 visits to finally see good results. I started narrowing down the 2 best clinics in my city to set up the appointment. 

Right before Halloween, I dropped by a Chinese herbal shop to pick up some cold medicines in preparation for the cold and flu season as a lot of people were sick. After I paid for the medicines, I thought "eh, what the heck, just ask the herbalist". I asked if he had anything for itchy skin and he showed me a small red box. I bought it and went home to google the ingredients. The active ingredients were menthol, camphor, and dexamethasone acetate. I hate long scientific names like the dexa one so I googled to find out about it and learned that it has anti-inflammatory properties and is in the corticosteroid class. Another particular inactive ingredient that I caught my attention right away was ethylparaben. I avoid products that end with 'paraben' as this group of chemicals have been shown to cause cancer. 

I really didn't want to use the Chinese ointment because of the paraben ingredient and I was sure the dexamethasone ingredient was going to thin out my daughter skin just like cortisone. A few days later, right before bed, my daughter said she didn't want me to tape down her sleeves anymore because it made her more itchy. I threw my hands up in the air and thought I should give the ointment a try. I always pay attention to her reaction after I rub something on her elbow. Usually she'll get more itchy and will try to sneak in a couple of scratches but this ointment stopped her itchiness immediately.  

A big sigh of relief when I discovered that she hadn't scratch at all that night when I checked her elbows in the morning. Within 3 days of applying the cream in the morning and right before bed time, the redness and scaly skin significantly subsided. By the 5th day, her skin looked healthy. I was overjoyed. 

It has been 3 weeks now, and her elbows look completely healed. She would gently scratch her elbow once in a while and I would check her elbow for signs of redness or any indication that her eczema has returned. So far, nothing. I am so overjoyed. It's been more than a 6 months battle and I am so happy that we beat this horrible skin problem. 

I'm sharing this amazing product with you because it has worked in treating my daughter elbow eczema. The brand is 999 itch ointment. I checked online and they do have it available. I hope that it will help with your eczema ordeal.