Is Baking Soda Good For Gum and Teeth


In my previous post, Brushing With Baking Soda, I talked about foregoing toothpaste and instead started brushing my teeth with baking soda. Three weeks after my 9-year old took up brushing with baking soda, she went to her semi-annual dental checkup. Her dentist was amazed at how clean her teeth were! The dentist even praised that my daughter brushes her teeth really really well. I was so pleased to hear this. Who, as a parent, wouldn't, right? 

I went to my checkup a few weeks after my daughter's and mine didn't turn out as fantastic. I felt I had more plague build-up compared to my previous visit. The dentist was scraping a lot more and longer. He even asked if I flossed daily to which I responded a big yes. He said my gum was healthy but I needed to work on my flossing. This visit was rather disappointing as I was expecting to hear how great both my teeth and gum were. 

I can say that brushing with baking soda removes tartar more effectively than with toothpastes. When I run my tongue along my teeth, they were smooth and cleaner as opposed to when I brushed with toothpaste. This is why I was surprised to hear my dentist telling me I had quite a bit of plague buildup. He did mention, however, that certain food especially sugary ones, promote more plague buildup. I do have a sweet tooth and I drink milk tea quite often so he suggested that rinse my mouth afterward.

Since I had just switched over to baking soda for over a little of a month before I went in for my checkup, I have decided to stick to baking soda and see how it goes at my next dental visit. I'll post about it in my future post so you can decide if brushing with baking soda is something you'd like to try.