Dealing With Difficult Kids

This school year, my youngest daughter has a couple of difficult students in her class. The hyper, talkative, and sensitive kids. I chaperoned her class field trip yesterday and I must say, it was very intense and stressful. I had a glimpse of how the students behaved and I felt really bad for the teacher. I think if I had to deal with difficult kids 5 days a week 7 hours a day, my blood pressure will shoot off the chart and my hair will fall out. 

A typical day for my second grader's teacher is dealing with two sensitive students who have detachment problems first thing in the morning. They often cry when their parents drop them off. It is already a struggle just to get them inside the classroom without drama. While dealing with one or two crying students, the hyper students are screaming and running around. The hyper kids were a handful on the field trip yesterday. Making sure they don't run off was already a headache! The good thing is we had enough parent chaperons so the teacher had the chance to focus on guiding the field trip rather being distracted by misbehaving kids.

My admiration goes out to all the teachers. Once in a while you hear about bad teachers in the news but that is just a few rotten apples in a basket of good apples. I have seen the finesse my girls' teachers handle difficult kids. It is not the best paying job in the world. The teachers I got to know said they chose the profession because they teaching is their passion and they love being around children. I guess it is true. If you love what you do, then it is no longer work.