Dealing With Kids and Lice


My 6-year-old daughter's school recently dealt with a lice outbreak that made many parents, including myself, shocked to find out about the school district's lice policy. Until that happened, I never knew that the school district had changed their lice policy. I remember when I was a kid, if you had lice, you were sent home until you came back with a doctor's note stating that you were lice-free. The school policy has long changed because lice is considered not a health hazard so a child with lice can still go to school. It was because of this change in policy that caused the outbreak. Little kids love to touch, grab, and hug each other. It is so easy for one infected child to pass to another. 

Luckily my daughter didn't get lice. I took every precaution possible to make sure she stayed lice-free while a few of the students in her class had them. I checked her hair everyday for nits and lice. I also tied her hair until a tight bun and had her wear a cap or hat and of course, reminded her everyday not to hug or touch anyone at school until the lice problem was gone A few of the moms whose kids had lice told me their daily routine: Wash bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases in hot water. Buy lice shampoo and lice comb. They recommended natural lice shampoo because most of the brands out there contain pesticides to kill the lice. You definitely don't want to wash your kid's hair with pesticide. Some parents opted for home remedies such as slathering mayonnaise or olive oil on the hair for an hour each day until you can't find anymore nits or lice. After washing the hair, use a lice comb and pull out any nits and lice you find. Store all the stuff animals and sofa pillows that the kids came in contact with for at least 4 weeks to kill any nits or lice that may fallen on the items. 

A washer load for the bedding and blankets cost about $5 at the laundromat and $1.50 to dry at a laundromat. Just imagine how much money you have to spend to contain the problem at home. Another mom I spoke to brought her daughter to Lice Fairies. I never knew such a business existed that catered to lice. She paid $95 per hour for a lice specialist to wash her daughter's hair and to do the dirty work of finding the nits and lice. This does not include the store natural lice shampoo to get rid of the lice.

Many parents called the school administration to complain about the lice policy in place but they all were told the same thing, lice is not considered a health hazard so they won't change it. One mom said that she was told about the financial burden for parents to take off work to stay home with their kids if the school reverted back to the old policy of keeping kids with lice out of school. I personally think it would make more sense to keep one or two child at home than to have those kids spread lice to 20 other kids and pass the financial burden to 20 other families.