My Thoughts On The Organic Trend and Green Living

Recently, I read an interesting post about organic shampoo at Natural Organic Products. I wouldn't say I've completely switched over to an organic lifestyle because of the cost factor. I have, however, embraced green living and do my best to conserve, compost, and using green products. Green living isn't hard but it requires effort and changing our habits which is not easy for some people to do. For example, sorting our trash to reduce the amount of garbage we dump in our landfills isn't hard but it takes effort. I mentioned in my older post about recycling and composting in San Francisco and how the residents get a free green bin to compost their leftover foods and hundreds of other things. San Francisco has a free compost program unlike other cities that require a pick-up service fee. Even though the idea of composting doesn't seem like a big deal and it's free, many residents don't bother to do it. If people would just take a bit of time to do their part for our environment and future generations, we will help alleviate a huge burden off the backs of our future generations. 

Now as for switching over to an organic lifestyle, I do try to buy natural products and eat organic foods. I have become an avid label reader and I think because of what I have been learning about ingredients in our products, I'm more conscious about what I use and eat. The cost factor of organic products does restrict me from buying everything organic though. A certified organic shampoo for instance can cost over $30 and that's for only 8oz. A regular drugstore shampoo costs around $5. It's the same with organic and non-organic foods. Big price difference. I understand why an organic shampoo would cost more than a regular shampoo. Regular shampoos contain cheap synthetic ingredients whereas an organic shampoos, certified organic shampoos that is, contain naturally derived ingredients. In addition to this, organic products are not mass produced which can bring down the cost because the demand is low. I hope as demand rise, the prices for organic products will be more affordable. Maybe then, we will see a decline in cancers and other health problems that have risen in the past 20 years.