Our Dragon Jack-O-Lantern

You know the saying, the more you do, the better you become? Motivational indeed but not necessarily true. Every Halloween, I hope to raise the bar a bit by carving a better jack-o-lantern than last year with my kids. We brainstormed for some pumpkin carving ideas and decided on carving a dragon like these: 
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Before we began on the big project, we carved some relatively easy (so we thought) jack-o-lanterns first. I found myself struggling to carve even the simplest one, the happy face jack-o-lantern, and by the time I finished with the third pumpkin, my hands were hurting so much that the idea of carving the dragon one was out of the question. The level of carving difficulty rated for the stencils we used was EASY. I think I need to fine tune my carving skills a whole lot more before I set out to carve a dragon. These are our jack-o-lanterns, a (supposed to be) haunted house, happy face, and an owl sitting on a branch.

Happy Halloween everyone!! Have fun and be safe!!

UFO Sightings In Mongolia


On July 7, 2010, an unidentifying object appeared in the sky of Hangzhou in China. It looks like a comet or space debris burning after it entered earth's atmosphere than a UFO to me. Hangzhou closed its airport after the sighting of the strange object.

On September 11, 2010, another unidentified object sighting in Baotou, Mongolia, forced the city to shut down its airport to prevent airplane collisions with the object.

Is it me or do you notice that UFO sightings have been making headlines lately? There seems to be an increase of sightings just this year alone. Of course, some of the UFO sightings videos that I've seen look very fake but there are a few, quite frankly, that do look very real.

I can think of three explanations as to why there have been so many UFO sightings around the world:

1) There's too many space debris orbiting around earth. The small ones will burn quickly as it enters our atmosphere so we don't see anything. The bigger ones will burn pretty brightly and these are the ones that  may look like a UFOs.
2) Countries are testing their superior and secretive military aircraft more frequently thus the increase in strange flying objects.
3) The prophecy of 2012 is starting to sound more and more real with everything that has happened lately from the climate change to increased in natural disasters, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Seems like our out of this world visitors are desperately looking for something before our planet enters the dark age.

What do you think?