When Things Go Wrong, They Go On Getting Worse


My brother's high school graduation is today and my...

Original Plan:
Sister arrives at my house 11:30AM
Go to party store to buy balloons and graduation teddy bears
Pick up eldest daughter from school at 1:30PM
Meet up with parents at 1:45PM in front of brother's school
Get good seats
Graduation ceremony begins at 2:00PM

How it really turned out...

Sister arrived at 12:45PM (1.5 hours late!)
Went to a random party store closer to home instead of the planned one because didn't have enough time. Not much balloon selections and no graduation teddy bears. 
Dad had to help pick up daughter because there was a ridiculously long line at the store and each customer was buying a dozen helium inflated balloons
Met up with parents at 2:15PM (late - 30 minutes)
Got awful seats, all the way on the top of the bleachers basking in the hot sun :(
All of us got sunburned except my two daughters who were wearing sunblock. 

                                The View (with camera zooming in too)

Because we were sitting so far away, I couldn't tell which graduate was my brother. We cheered for the wrong guy who had the same name as my brother. When I showed my brother some of the pictures I took, he said I took pictures of the wrong guy. He walked on the left side of the stage to get his diploma.  The student that I took pictures of walked on the right side. Here's the stage.


It was foggy and I didn't expect the weather to be so HOT! Not only did I get sunburned, I was dehydrated and for the remaining of the day, I had a massive headache. Even though I drank a glass of water as soon as I got home and took a short nap, my headache didnt' go away and instead I started feeling somewhat dizzy. I thought I was alright so I went to the graduation dinner and (sigh) had to apologize and left 15 minutes into the meal because I was nauseous and dizzy with a throbbing headache. My sister drove me home and returned back to the restaurant. Good thing we dined at a restaurant only a few minutes away from my house. When I got home, I drank half a cup of coke and started to feel better. It has been 3 hours now, no more headache, no more dizziness, and no more nausea . 
       Here's the fog covering our famous Golden Gate Bridge

                                The sun slowly burning the fog away


Gratitude said...

I'm sure the graduate appreciated your attendance. Noticed that in malaysia, the trend is not balloons and bears, but huge bouquets of flowers. Students these days receive so much pocket money these days that they cld afford rm200 flowers as gifts.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Aww... at least it didn't rain!
Bummer at the part you guys cheered (and took pics) of the wrong guy :P

Thanks for dropping by and commenting in my blog on the baby room review! :D

@ctors Business said...

Oh dear - the best laid plans of mice and men... But at least you got there. Hope your brother wasn't too disappointed that you snappped the wrong person.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hello Rose,

Graduation? Ohhh i like this kind of event. Our graduation ceremony is always held indoor and full of traditional music. In your place, it is different. But unique.

Lazy Pineapple said...

Oh no...sometimes things turn out to be so far away from the plan..

I hope your brother was happy that all you guys were there for his graduation...
In India..graduation is not a big deal..there is no ceremony and we just know we graduated when we get our results and go pick up our degree from the college.
Hope you are feeling allright now...and do pass on my wishes to your brother.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh my! I am sure you all will have a good laugh over this later on. :)

Mr. Stupid said...

Oh No! At least you could make it to cheer for your brother. Great pictures....:)

Meldylocks and Her Three Bears said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog... I'm actually still "new" on blogging and trying to figure out what to type on the HTML section.
I see that you have a very nice blog here and congratulations on having your own domain. This is something similar to wat i started my blog for: to "keep in touch" with friends and family, and to jot down bits and pieces of life as it pass by...have a nice day!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

Aw that stinks! The pictures of the bridge and the fog are really cool though!!

More Than Words said...

Oh my gosh!!! I feel so bad for you!! But the way you wrote it made it so funny! And wow, SF was hot??? I can just picture the events of your day! And I totally understand about headache! I had one too when we went out to lunch, and it pretty much ruins your entire mood.

CVmom said...

Very, very nice view of the GG Bridge from the school field! I wish I had that view from my house but again, who wouldn't?? Sometimes the best of plans don't go anywhere close to what was planned. I'm sure your brother appreciated you showing up for both the ceremony and dinner.

Serline said...

It's the presence that counts, really. My hubby graduated summa cum laude AND a masters degree, but all he got was a call from his parents the night before... have a blessed weekend and lots of lotion for the sunburn!

Autumn Belle said...

Aha, this reminds of Murphy's Law : "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

I had to laugh at your mention about taking the wrong picture of your brother. I had the same experience during my son's first kindergarten concert. Under stage makeup they all look alike and the ceremony happened quite fast.

Graduation is a truly memorable event for any university student. Congratulations to your brother and your whole family!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

That you took pics of the wrong guy is the worst! I hope you recover from the sunburn and all of the disappointments of your day. At least you still got to be there!

Anonymous said...

LOL! All the while you were burning up and taking pictures of the wrong student. It is hard to take pictures during graduation ceremonies but hey, at least you were there. That counts the most.

Veronica Lee said...

Aw! That must have sucked.
Congrats to your brother.

Hope you'll have a better day today.


Muthering Heights said...

Oh no!!! I'm sorry that it went so wrong...but I'm sure he was glad to have you there!

Anonymous said...

I have to echo other's comments here. Sorry that the day didn't work out as planned. On a cheerful note, you made it there, and I'm sure you're able to take pictures of your brother up close.

Wendy said...

wow, that fog is something else!!

That's hilarious (well, sort of!) that you got pictures of the wrong guy! I can't beleive you had to be outside. That's misery!

The school where I work is huge and we at least rent out the DAR constitution Hall in DC, where we have AC.

Anyway, congrats to your brother, he's free, a new man, an adult, on to new adventures!

Lee said...

Hi Rosebelle, love the pics. But was surprised this was held in the open and not in a hall.
Sure love that Golden Gate bridge....one day I must see it as well cross over....and maybe sing the songs, "San Francisco", and "I left my heart in San Francisco", ha ha.
You stay easy and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Lee said...

Rosebelle, please forgive me, but please convey my congratulations to your brother and may the winds of Destiny carry him aloft to dance with the stars, best regards, Lee.

Ummie said...

You've got great posts and I'm your follower now.
Btw, I've bought my own domain quite sometimes already but still did not switch to it. Still figuring how to do it myself (I'm zero about most blogging terms).
Golden Gate Bridge - I was there in late 80s & watching Geography channel brings back past memories.