A Plant That Grows On Its Own

This is just bizarre. I have one lily plant in my backyard that grows so well. As a matter of fact, it's no ordinary lily plant, it's more like a giant lily plant. Now before I continue about this bizarre plant, I want to mention that nothing grows in my garden accept grass and weeds. Anything that I put in the soil, DIES! This is my 5th year gardening and no success. I'm not kidding. Zero success rate. It has gotten so bad that my family jokes that whenever I go to the nursery to pick up something for my backyard, that plant can feel death approaching.

So here's the thing, nothing grows except for this gigantic lily plant. I didn't even planted it. My neighbor's lily plant pollinated its seeds over to my side of the fence. In due time, I saw a lily plant growing. I was so happy! It grew so nicely and uh, it just kept growing. It grew bigger and taller than my neighbors' lilies. I've never seen anything like it before.

My daughter was in the backyard playing over the weekend and I snapped this picture of her feeling on the lily petal:

As you can see, she was all bundled up. It was so cold but she wanted to go outside and play. She didn't want me to take her picture so she kept looking away. I'm not sure if you can see the height difference, but my daughter is shorter than the tallest lily flower from the plant. Look at the leaves, it's so huge!

Here's another odd thing. I never tended to this plant. I don't even water it. It just grows on its own. It used to be on the right side of my backyard. My husband uprooted it and tossed it to another part of the yard. He forgot to replant it for a few days because he was busy fertilizing the right yard soil. When he was done, he just dug a hole and stuck the lily plant in. I remember it looked dead and then the leaves wilted and the flowers died. So I cut off all the leaves, the stems, and flowers. Well, it just grew back I think late last fall. Our winter was freezing and everything died in my garden...except...this lily plant. It grew and grew and now it's huge. Geez, I wish my rose bush would grow half as nicely has this plant!


TK said...

Same here..I am also not Mrs Greenfinger. Those flowers are really huge. Looks like it's fertilised. So happy for you that you finally have flowers in your backyard. I have none.

Gratitude said...

Nature's weird way of telling us that ultimately, we are not their dictators. hehe

Ebie said...

That is a very huge calla lily! Nature has its way to give you this special bloom!

Unknown said...

Wow taht's really bizaare...that lily is beautiful!

Earth Momma
Happy Home

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lilies! :) Is that calia? I like tiger lilies. They're expensive over here.

RoseBelle said...

@TK - I always thought that hot weather can grow virtually anything cos fruits and vegies need hot weather to grow. You proved me wrong.

@Gratitude - I agree, you can not force anything upon nature.

@Ebie - So that's what they're called, calla lily.

@Jade - Too bizarre but at least the lilies are not deformed looking...just a tad bigger than others in size and height.

Ryhen said...

Self-sustaining, isn't it? I mean, the plant... it doesn't need anybody to survive. I sometimes wish humans are like that... no governments, no church, no schools, no companies, and no culture... just the environment. For all I know, that lily has a greater amount of freedom compared to us. Well, that's life. *sigh*

Buckeroomama said...

I love lilies! But I've never seen one as big as that one. Must be a mutant of sorts. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have the right soil type for this type of flower to flourish otherwise it couldn't have been able to grow so big.