March Blooms

This week's weather has been more like spring weather. Nice and warm with lots of sunshine. I was assessing my backyard and it still looks barren compared to my neighbors. In my previous post, I talked about the only plant that grows in my garden is the lily plant. Every year by May or June, my neighbors' backyards look stunning especially the one with their yard behind my yard. Here's a peek at that yard:

If you click on the picture, you can see red and pink flowers starting to bloom. In another month or two, their fences will be covered with an assortment of beautiful flowers. They also have vegetables too. The garden is tended by an elderly woman. Whenever I see her in the backyard, I would watch her for bit to see what she does and all I see her do is just water her garden. Of course, I'd just watch her for a bit, anything longer would make it look like I'm stalking her. So while nature runs its course and give beautiful blooms to my neighbors' garden, I run to the nursery to buy my flowers and plant them.


TK said...

Oh spring is coming...I can imagine the beautiful blooms during spring...They bring colors to life. Good Luck with your flowers. Don't give up on it OK!

Dorothy said...

Oh how I love this season and all the new life in flowers, trees and shrubs..

I'll be back to see what more you have to share it makes me smile.

Dorothy from grammology

Anonymous said...

How nice that spring is coming soon. Over here, I have to buy blooms to photograph :( The local gardens hardly has any interesting blooms.

Ebie said...

Besides the spring allergies, it is a rebirth of life. The sweet scent and blooms inspire my day. Good luck with your gardening!

Ryhen said...

You run to the nursery to buy flowers... and the plants can feel death approaching? LOL. Sorry... I just can't move on from that part on your previous post. Maybe that elderly woman talks to her plants which is the reason why they grow on her yard. Watcha think?

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Good day Rosebelle!

Going into planting flowers or gardening is just not me but that doesn't mean i don't like them. In fact, i love to see them around because they beautify our landscape and make our world colourful.

The weather has been gracious to us these few weeks. We had hot weather in February but now, the weather is back to normal. Plants do grow quite well today at our place. Thanks to the rain.

Orait then, I'll see you again yeah?

RoseBelle said...

@TK - I wish to improve on my gardening skills this year. Thanks for the well wishes!

@Dorothy - Spring is a wonderful season but unfortunately it is also allergy season so it's miserable for many people.

@Mei - I would imagine there'd be a lot of beautiful blooms in parks and stuff. I guess I'm wrong then.

@Ebie - I hope I can grow something this year!

@Ryhen - I think that elderly lady does talk to her plants too. I can't see her too well from my window but she'd just stand there for a bit after watering each section. Whatever it is she's doing, she's doing it right.

@Willie - I tried landscaping my backyard, unfortunately, the flowers don't last too long and they grow back.

Kay said...

I know what you mean about looking over the fence. My neighbor as the most amazing vegetables growing and I have such a brown thumb.

foongpc said...

I think I love spring! In Malaysia, it's summer whole year round!

I love looking at flowers and that's why I have a garden! But I don't do gardening, haha! : )

Cheryl said...

Some people are able to grow anything and everything-not me! Perhaps you and the girls could have a small vegetable plot to work on together? They could help plan out a garden and what they would like to grow.

Wendy said...

Funny! You know what? If she loves to garden, I bet she'd love to come over and give you some suggestions! Even if you're experienced, it's still always nice to borrow someone else's eyes. You could always hang a pottend plant from the tree - instant color and beauty!

Either way, nice that you have a garden to look at - and lilies are great! Maybe you could swap some of your lilies with your neighbor - and try some of her plants.

Better than my neighbor anyway, their weeds/vines/etc. are choking out all my roses. They're literally all slowly dying.