Clean Little Girl

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, for some reasons, I just loved cleaning. I always found something to wipe or reorganize. I mopped the kitchen floor every night after dinner, wiped coffee tables, countertops, TV stand, anything. I wiped my desk and disinfected my computer keyboard and phone everyday at work. People thought I was such a neat freak. My mom warned me the effect that it would have on my unborn child. She said the baby will grow up loving to clean and will be neat and organized. I just laughed it off thinking it would be a good trait to have.

My second daughter is now 4-year-old and she is what my mom she said she'd be: a neat little girl. When she was one, she loved to wipe the kitchen floor with tissues. She would just sit on the kitchen floor and wipe around. At age two, my mom who babysat my daughter when I was working, said that my little belle loved to wipe the window sill in the living room. She wiped it so often that it was clean. Of course, she loved to wipe the living room coffee table too. Whenever she's done playing with her toys, she puts them back in her toy boxes. She even cleans the living room when it gets cluttered and messy.

I was throwing out our bathrooms' garbage bins last night and when I came back up from the garage (our garbage, recycle, and compost bins are kept in the garage), my little girl had filled the 2 bathroom bins with plastic bags for me. I caught her trying to wash dishes several times and of course, that's a big no-no. She observed what goes on the dinner table and learned to set the table on her own. When I'm cooking, she would ask if we'd be using chopsticks or forks and then she pulls the utensil drawer and get the proper utensils to put on the table. Oh and paper napkins too.

I guess it is true that whatever a pregnant woman does while she is pregnant does effect her unborn child. My mom says you start teaching your child while it is still in your womb. I now believe that to be true.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Maybe what you said is true because my son too loves cleaning the house. He loves to help my wife doing the house chores. Probably when my wife was pregnant she did like what you did. HEehe

Jade said...

Ohhh that's so cute! I want to have a baby like her:) ...I hope this is the year I get knocked up.

A Vecchioni said...

That's hilarious. The big question is whether she keeps her room clean when she's a teenager. If that happens, you'll make a believer out of me.

RoseBelle said...

@Willie - I see you have a little helper too :)

@Jade - Good luck and I hope you will have your bundle of joy by this year!

@Anthony - I sure hope so too! Well, we'll see.

TK said...

Yes, I think it's true. When I was pregnant with my daughter I like to do the housechores myself eventhough I have a maid. Now I see that my daughter always help my maid clean the house.I also saw her cleaning her classroom after school while waiting for me to fetch her. Hope this will continue until she grows up

levian said...

what a lovely little girl you have there! if it is a clean child i will be having, i don't mind being a clean freak myself at all. like you said, it is definitely a good trait. a happy chinese new year to you! :)

ladyviral said...

Looks like a little helper was in the making when it was a little human in you :P.

I wonder if my mom was like that... I like wiping around too... but I hate major cleaning haha!

Gratitude said...

Your post reminded me of the documentary I watched years ago on how a mom's consistent teachings produced 3 super bright children. One even entered Harvard at early teens.

I wonder?
Or perhaps your lil' one has been observing her mom's clean and tidy habits. hehe

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy cleaning up my home (but I still do the job of cleaning) but I like cleanliness. Even at my workstation, I like it neat and tidy and not messy with things strewn all over.

Superman said...

You have a nice bright daughter. Your daughter learned the good things from her mum and practice it. Good for you and her.

RoseBelle said...

@TK - Good to hear that you have similar experience.

@Levian - I don't think any parent mind having a tidy child that cleans after her/himself.

@Ladyviral - I'm just the opposite. I prefer deep cleaning my house cos I know it's really clean and not surface clean. That makes people cringe sometimes when I tell them that.

@Gratitude - Probably both. She picked up my cleaning habits now that she's older but when she was a toddler, my mom babysat her and my daughter just naturally cleaned stuff on her own.

@Mei - Same here. I like my workstation neat and organized.

@Superman - Thanks for your kind words. I hope she continues this good trait well into adulthood!

Cheryl said...

What a sweet story and a very sweet little girl. I think its wonderful that she is so neat. She obviously has a great mother and family to show her all the things she likes to do and to have such wonderful manners.

Ebie said...

Hi Rosebelle, I think this is true. When I was pregnant, I dislike cleaning, but I eating and eating!

And my daughter now 25, is just like mom, loves to eat!

It is really a good trait that your girl is learning cleanliness at an early age.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Children pick up things (good or bad) pretty fast even still in the womb. Heard of saying that if you want your unborn child to be happy & pretty have look at happy faces, pictures of lovely people. tQ

RoseBelle said...

@Cheryl - I just hope she keeps this trait as she gets older. Thanks for the kind words :)

@Ebie - LOL...I ate a lot too with my first daughter and she loves to eat. She has a versatile palate like her mom.

@Bananaz - I heard about this many times when I was pregnant. Some of my friends would put up cute baby pictures to stare out hoping and they were careful with what they ate and said.

Liz said...

haha. I think it's true and I think it can be inherited too. My father and my husband are such neat freaks, although I wasn't like when I was pregnant with my boy, he came out as one. :)

Have a great weekend sweetie!