Costly Mistakes

It's one thing to hear a story about how someone was given a ticket for reckless driving but, it's total disbelief when you actually witness the stupidity of a rude driver getting a ticket. Case in point: Sunday afternoon at a busy street. I had just gotten inside my car after buying some pastries for my girls. My girls wanted to eat a bit first inside the car so there I was sitting and waiting for my girls to finish eating when I noticed a car on the opposite traffic lane waiting for the parking spot next to me. . Okay, in order for this driver to take this parking space, he would have to make an illegal U-turn because it was a two-way traffic street and he was on the opposite lane.

I'm looking at the guy and thinking he must be crazy. When I looked away, I saw a police officer standing right by the third parked car. Ohhh, this is not going to be good. So the parking sequence was my car, the car next to mine was pulling out, and the police officer was standing at the third car. At this point, everything happened so fast. Another car had just made a right-turn and took the parking spot. The driver on the opposite lane, who had been waiting for that spot, honked at the woman that just pulled in, rolled down his window and screamed, "I saw that spot first!" He honked again. The lady, blessed her heart because she legally have that parking spot, pulled her car out and drove way. The other driver made a U-turn and parked into the spot. What do you supposed the police officer did?

I saw the look on the police officer's face as the entire scenario unfolds before him - angry driver honking at another driver and then made an illegal U-turn to park. I can sum up the look in three letters, "WTF" and this expression

I'm sure that driver was too busy concentrating on the parking spot that he failed to see the police officer standing literally right in front of him. I can only imagine the total shock when the officer knocked on his window. Of course, the guy got a big fat ticket which will cost him big $$$ in San Francisco.


Ebie said...

The lady did the right thing. My friend's was key-scratched when they were fighting for a parking spot.

Patience is just a virtue hard to achieve.

It would be a hefty fine.

Vincent said...

Those moving violations citations are ridiculously expensive!! I had one last year, went to court to contest it, lost, went to traffic school so it won't show on my record. That guy probably had a heart attack seeing the cop approaching him :)

Gratitude said...

Wow this is what I called a fast karmic action! lolz

The drivers in San Fran will get a huge culture shock if they ever drove in Malaysia.

RoseBelle said...

@Ebie - Getting your car keyed is one of my fears too when dealing with angry drivers. I can't understand road rage that leads people to do insane things like that.

@Vincent - I heard contesting traffic tickets doesn't really work. Many drivers end up opting for traffic school, like you, so that the violation would not be on record.

@Gratitude - I know, I thought about the quick karma kicking in for that guy. Hmmm...culture shock eh? Are Malaysian drivers more mellow and courteous or just the opposite?

Anonymous said...

The other driver was too nice and you don't normally see that kind of mellowness in SF. Serves the other guy right for being an ass about it.

Liz said...

Hi Rose Belle! I was sure I was here yesterday and left a comment. I wonder why it didn't get through. Probably my mistake.

Anyways, please come and visit me, I have something for you. :)

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Life Melodies said...

Ahhh, road rage. Maybe he had to go use the restroom. haha

levian said...

haha! oh yeah, that served him right! i had a great time imagining him getting that big fat ticket. my sister was one of the victim of a similar case just previously. seeing the parking spot first but others shot right in. she however, wasn't as timid as the lady in the scenario you saw, she went down n they got into a verbal fight. it was crazy! why would anyone be so rude just to grab one parking spot, gosh.

RoseBelle said...

@KN - I know some districts in SF have really awful drivers. There were some shootings over road rage.

@Liza - Thanks for listing my blog as one of the creative blogs you love. I've gotten a few feedback about comments not posting. I'm working on it.

@Life Melodies - I think you may be right cos the guy got off the car while the officer was writing the ticket and said there was someone else in the car and he needed to go somewhere real quick.

@Levian - Your sister must of been too pissed off to let it go. My friend told me that one time she was in front of a restaurant and saw a car stealing another car's parking spot. A cop saw that and gave that driver a ticket. Apparently you can not do that in SAn Francisco.

Wenny said...

That driver really deserves the ticket. Come on, it's a blatant disregard for the law and disrespect to the police.

We have plenty of these drivers here in my country ... worst, most are working professionals.

TatianaV said...

This guy definitely got what he unconsciously asked for ;) And this will teach him a lesson for sure.