Has This Happened To You?

Ever since I changed my blog template from Blogger classic to a customized template, I've received sporadic feedback from my readers informing me that my embedded comment form was not working properly and that their comments did not post after the first attempt. One particular feedback was the reader made three attempts before the comment system worked. The first two attempts slipped away. I personally have experience similar problems with the embedded comment form for Google Blogger blogs but I thought it was my computer so I didn't escalate the problem to the blog owners. I now think it's not just my computer...

A frequent problem I run into is my comment disappears after I select from one of the drop down menu from an embedded comment form. I have no problem with the pop up comment form just the embedded comment form. What should appear after the page refreshes is the identity box - Google Account, OpenId, Anonymous - to choose from. Instead, the page refreshes with my comment gone which is frustrating and really deters me from retyping my comment all over again.

Here are a few things that have worked for me in fixing the comment glitch:

1) First and single most important habit I do now by second nature is I copy my comment on blogs with embedded comment form. This saves me time from retyping everything all over again. I read at one point Google addressed the issue stating that some customized templates' embedded comment form may not work properly. I believe that to be true because it is blogs with customized templates that I had difficulties with.

2) Another thing I found out was my browsers, Internet Explorer and Safari, do not allow some comments to process correctly. I have zero problem with Firefox. I have been using Firefox since November and have no comments slipping away.

3)The last tip I read was to change the comment form from embedded to pop-up. You can do this by going to Settings -> Comments and then change to either Full Page or Pop Up.

Have you ever experience problem while posting your comment on someone else's blog?


TatianaV said...

Yes, it's been very problematic (time consuming too) to leave a few comments on your blog. Finally at the 3rd and 4th try the comments went through with the message: "Your comment will be visible after it's approval" or something simillar.

levian said...

yes i have! not to mentioned embedded ones that are not created by google itself, but even google itself have problem with its very own commenting system. it is quite troublesome n sometimes frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I tested multiple times my comment form and even tried JS Kit Echo Comment for a while but reverted back to the Blogger pop-up form since this seems to work out the best. The Echo system was good but it took too long for the user's account to load. Sometimes it couldn't find the blogger account at all. The pop up form I am using now so far is working fine.

I did have occasional problems with your embedded form. Sometimes my comment disappeared without the word verification page appearing. If I wasn't familiar with Blogger system, I would have easily assumed that my comment went to moderation when it disappeared.

Ebie said...

I cannot relate to this because I have wordpress. I am not so tech savvy, my daughter had helped me install everything.

There are also times when blogger has problems in their website.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Never changed template before.

Have a great weekend! :)

Gratitude said...

Blogspot has problems too at times. Karmic obstacles to blogging????? LOLZ

Have a great weekend. :)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

All this Ozarks farm chick has to say it that there ain't nothin' perfect! Sure hope ya'll get it worked out.

From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

RoseBelle said...

@Tatiana - I appreciate you not giving up on leaving your comments! Thanks for the heads-up.

@Levian - Google addressed the embedded comment form issue saying that it certain customized templates don't work in sync with Blogger or something to that effect.

@KN - I tried JS Kit and didn't like it either. Experienced the same kind of problem you did.

@Ebie - Interestingly enough, I have not have a problem with Wordpress comment form. I notice it's all blogspot's blogs that have problems.

@Mei Teng - Yeah, I don't have problem leaving comments on your blog. I think pop-up form is more secure.

@Gratitude - Frustrating karmic obstacles to blogging..lol..

@Nezzy - Nothing is perfect, that's true but it would be great if there's not to much obstacles for people to leave their thoughts on blogs.