'Tis the Season

We went Christmas shopping yesterday and it was raining on and off. The sky was this dark in the afternoon:

As a matter of fact, that was how everyday looked like last week for us. When we got inside the mall, my little girl said she was hungry so we went to the food court to eat first. I wish I could have recorded what was happening at the table right in front, to my right, and behind me. Now this all happened during my 20 minutes of eating. Let's start with the table in front of me. There were two little girls, probably 4 and 6 years old play fighting on the floor. The parents were just talking to each other and the girls were rolling on the floor and wrestling. It was an accident waiting to happen. Their legs were extended out to the aisle. If people walking were not careful, they could of easily stepped on or tripped on the girls legs. The play ended with one of the girls' hitting her head on the floor and the mom shouted at them to stop. A couple of minutes later, I heard a loud cry from a baby. I turned around and saw a mom struggling to calm the baby down. A minute later, I heard a loud bang. The baby had somehow kicked the food tray and it fell onto the floor. Luckily the lady had someone with her to help her clean up the mess. When that was over, just as I was getting ready to leave, a little boy was twirling around and guess where he fell over? Right onto me. I tried to stop his fall but couldn't grab him fast enough. He banged his head on the table and fell on my lap. I asked if he was ok, poor kid looked startled. His father beckoned him to come back to the table and he obediently complied.

After our interesting lunch, we headed to Nordstorm to check out some shoes. Ladies, what do you think of these high heels?

I can't wear heels this high. I'd fall flat on my face. They're painful and not good for the feet or back. See the things some women would wear in the name of beauty and fashion? I have friends who love to wear high heels and when they take off their shoes, their feet look deformed. They all say it hurts but they like their shoes.

Right in the middle of the mall, people were taking pictures with Santa Claus. My phone camera didn't capture the setting too nicely.

My girls are camera shy in the public. They didn't want to take pictures with Santa. We finished our Christmas shopping yesterday. Finally!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow. The scenario at the food court was hectic. I don't think i can enjoy my meal with those kids in front of me. Hehehe... My wife does not wear high heels too. She said those heels cause pain to the feet.

I just did my Christmas shopping too few days ago and i blog about it in my blog. Feel free to visit yeah?

Gratitude said...

Wow! You 're in such a mood for Xmas :)
I love kids, but only when they behave LOLZ. They gv me instant headaches when the screaming starts.

p/s go on, spoil yourself with a nice pair of high heels, if only for Christmas visits. ^_^

ladyviral said...

those heels! EEEEP! Look so scary @.@ I wear heels too... but I can't handle heels that are like high sharp and what not to kill the leg...

most of the time, I rather be in flats :P.

I want to see santa too :P.

Cheryl said...

Ah..the joys of parents who let their children run wild and crazy through malls, or roll around on the floor in stores or let them just scream and scream because they can't get what they want! Really puts one into the holiday spirit doesn't it? Seriously I sometimes wonder where these parents come from! Of course children get antsy and like to play around but they need to learn manners and where and when they can do such things. Its the parents whom I blame. Anyhow....glad you have the shopping done. I do too with some items wrapped but looks like much more to go! Its so hectic and I try to slow down and just chill out for a bit! I guess its all part of the season! As for the high heels, ack! No way...I would break my ankle or leg in them.

Anonymous said...

Wow those are really spiky heels! Not my kind of shoes though.

It rained today in this part of the world. I will be going for Christmas sightseeing at the mall this Friday.

Anonymous said...

It's been raining on and off lately and the sun comes and goes. Crazy weather. I try to avoid the malls as much as possible and do my shopping online. It's too chaotic and crowded around this time of the year.

foongpc said...

Actually I love that dark sky and the rain! Haha! Ooh, shopping for Christmas - glad you had fun! : )

RoseBelle said...

@Willie - yeah, it was definitely crazy at the food court. I look at my girls eating so quietly and just feel blessed they are well behaved in the public.

@Gratitude - every parents' dreams too: obedient and well behaved kids!

@ladyviral - I prefer sneakers and flats myself.

@Cheryl - As I was watching the two girls fighting on the floor, I kept looking at the parents and thought "you've got to be kidding me, look at what your girls are doing on the floor!"

RoseBelle said...

@Mei - We need the rain so even though it makes shopping dreadful, I'm glad we have some rain this and last week.

@KN - I do online shopping too but for clothes and shoes, it's always better to try it out in person

@foongpc - I prefer blue sky and lots of sunshine. In SF, we get gray sky and fog alot!

levian said...

gosh, so many accidents could happened during that short 20 minutes! imagine someone bringing something hot walking by those children without supervision. i can't imagine myself being in heels that high either. probably will fall flat too. XD

Dora said...

I hate those parents do not bother their kids at all alth the kids are disturbing others! Those high heels are so nice but I wear flats most of the time now 'coz need to carry baby! I haven't see Santa in my country yet!!!

Life Melodies said...

It all falls on the hands of the parents to watch their kids when they're out in the public. Some parents are completely oblivious to what their kids are doing. You almost feel like you have to say "ahem, your child is so and so" At least you got your shopping done!