Shopping for Backyard Decor

The rain finally came on Sunday afternoon. We need rain, alot of it. We have been in a drought for sometime now, not a severe drought but the situation is bad enough for city officials to raise our water rate to get people to start conserving. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine in her mid 60s, told me the drought was so bad a few years back that certain cities told their residents to stop watering their lawns and backyards. Doing so will result in a hefty fine. I think it's common sense though, don't you think, that when there is a water shortage, you help conserve water by not watering your backyard?

Yesterday, I went to check out some decors for my backyard with my sister. It was cold and brisky after the rain but I really need to do some walking exercise. We went to several different stores before coming to Silvestri Company Garden Ornaments. We were walking around looking at some beautiful fountains, statues, and lemon trees when my sister asked me wasn't it strange that the place seemed empty, no customers-no employees. I looked around and told her maybe we were the only customers. Here's some of the things we saw:

Everything on display outside was too big for my backyard. To give you a good perspective of how small my yard is, the Triceratop dinosaur statue will take up half of my yard. My sister and I decided to check the showroom inside and when we walked to the front door, it was locked. All the lights were off. There was no one inside. We walked around the courtyard and saw no workers. It was an awkward moment because the gate of the business would have been locked if it was closed. We walked to the other side of the courtyard and saw someone getting off the delivery truck. The delivery guy said the place was closed. You know, the funny thing is, the place was supposed to close at 5pm and it was only 4:20pm when my sister and I were there. I guess it was too cold and the workers decided to leave early. What a bummer for us though.


Life Melodies said...

The workers should have locked up the place before leaving. That's just really irresponsible. Love the pi yao statues and the fountains are so big!

ladyviral said...

It rains here everyday and we are getting into flood @.@;

Wow, and they left the gate open? People could of run off with those items!

Triceratop for a back yard... jurassic park? :P

Cheryl said...

Now that must have been a strange one around! Sounds like the workers left in a hurry and forgot to lock up. I don't think I have ever seen such a variety of backyard ornaments and statues. Some of the decorations were quite unusual!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow nice home deco. But anyway, i hope the weather will improve soon over there.

RoseBelle said...

@Life Melodies - The pi yaos was the first thing that caught my attention. You don't see pi yao statues sold in many stores where I live.

@ladyviral - Actually, the stuff there are made out of stone. They're heavy. My sister and I tried pushing some of them :) But yeah, several men can easily carry away some of the smaller fountains and even potted lemon trees.

@Cheryl - I have never seen some of the decors myself too

@Willie - It's gonna be a very colder than usual winter this year.

Anonymous said...

It was pouring on Sunday! Gotta love the rain. The gusty wind was terrible. My backyard potted plants were all knocked over. More rain to come in a couple of days.

liz said...

Those are pretty! Too bad they closed down early.

Ebie said...

Maybe the employees thought that the ornaments are too heavy to be stolen, so they did not care to lock up?

Its getting cold here, south of you. But its better that the 90's.

Just bundle up and keep warm!

RoseBelle said...

@KN - Yes, more rain to come this weekend!! I just hope it won't be too windy.

RoseBelle said...

@Liz - Some of the fountains and statues are really unique and big. I wish the store didn't close early that day.

@Ebie - I like hot weather more so than cold. We don't get the hot weather like LA.