T-Mobile Server Failed - Customers Data Lost

Since summer, my teenage son has been itching for a T-Mobile Sidekick. The phone is his on his wish list. I have managed to effectively use a reward system on him to motivate him to excel in school to get one of his wishlist items and also to let him know, he needs to earn what he wants. I think the reason why my reward system works well is because once my son works hard to get good grades in his classes, he is less likely to screw up once he gets what he wants. Each time he is rewarded for good grades, he's always maintained his grades. The other factor that motivates him to keep up the good work is he feels good he is achieving his goal. He feels good he is doing good in his classes and that pushes him to keep on top of his game.

I had a conversation with my son this past week about his progress in school and I hinted that he may get his Sidekick after all for Christmas. His enthusiasm for this phone waned. He said T-Mobile is having some problems. I researched about it and read on TechCrunch that due to a server failure, the company may have lost all user data on their Microsoft servers. YIKES!! In all my 15 years working for a major U.S. bank, there was one time when our servers failed and we lost all checks that were electronically sent to us resulting in the bank paying out in millions in losses. So yeah, I can totally relate to T-Mobile's headache now.

T-Mobile has paused the sale of new Sidekicks, as all models are now listed as "temporarily out of stock" on the company's site. The company has also posted warnings on their forum advising customers to NOT do the followings: "Please DO NOT remove your battery, reset your Sidekick, or allow it to lose power".

I'm not a techy person but I hope T-Mobile works everything out. As for my son and his Sidekick wish, he's looking at other phone options now.