Lucrative Profit from Playing The Stock Market

I'm not a stock person. I don't know much about stocks. Luck has hit that I'm constantly surrounded by people who play the stock market. At my last job, 10 out of 15 workers had their hands on the stock market. Our topic of the day, everyday, was how the market was doing. Looking back now, it's amazing how hooked my coworkers were. Needless to say, they were not very productive workers because they were busy checking the stats on the market. You would think the manager would cut all this crap but no, she chimed in with the conversations too because her husband is a day trader too. My coworkers were either day or margin traders. One coworker said her husband took out a $100,000 equity line of credit from their house a few years ago to play the stock market. My eyes just popped wide open. $100,000? I asked if she weighed her risks and she said her husband made a nice profit and they paid off the loan in a year. Wow! For some reasons, I just did't believe the amount of money my peers claimed they were make from day trading. I mean, seriously, they could of just retire and make money day trading if that's the case, right? I have another coworker who was on the phone with her husband constantly everyday going over their buy or sell picks. Everyone could hear her phone conversations, "we made that much?! YEH!". She was always cheery and delightful when she got off the phone. She was one of those that didn't put much effort into her work. A lazy worker I would say. I guess she didn't see the need to work hard when she was making good money elsewhere. I think LUCK plays a big role. Some people just have that gambling luck in them. I don't have that kind of luck so I stay far away from gambling and the stock market.