Impact of Home Car Washing on the Environment

Cleaning your car at home will save you money. Cleaning your car at a car wash will save you time. Here's some interesting facts about the benefits of cleaning your car at a car wash versus doing it yourself at home:

Did you know that cleaning your car at home pollutes the environment? When you wash your car at home, the contaminated water runs down into the storm drains, which discharges into local rivers, creeks and oceans. Car wash detergents and runoff residues from the car such as gasoline and grease can coat the gills of fish and tadpole suffocating them.

The dirty water at an automatic car wash or a gas station goes to a local sewage-treatment plant, where it is filtered and cleaned through a wastewater treatment process. Whatever is left from the treatment process is disposed at a landfill. Automatic car washes use less water then home washes, approximately 30 gallons less per car and you can get it done a lot faster.

So the next time when you need to clean your car, consider doing your part to help conserve water and to do what's good for the environment by washing your car at an automatic car wash.