Example of Poor Leadership Skills

Some people are just great at giving inspirational and motivational speeches but lack the leadership to put their words into action. My last manager, he was a very good speaker. When he talked, we all felt empowered and uplifted. For example, if our department made too many processing errors, he'd tell us he didn't expect us to be perfect because he is not perfect and nobody is perfect. He'd tell us that if the error rate continued to climb, he saw it as a process problem, that he needed to get the right people to train us and that he'd look into if the procedures needed to be changed. People loved to hear him talk. As good of a talker he was, he didn't earn the respect of the majority of his staff. Why? Because he didn't keep his promises and he didn't take actions on his promises. When he promised better training for people who were underpeforming on their tasks, that never came into play. Rejuvenating our spirits about making mistakes by promising he would look into the possible factor of why the mistakes were made in the first place? All we got was more meetings on how bad our department dashboard compared to other departments. People started to get verbal and written warnings.

Some people are just gifted and a natural at giving speeches. All that is worthless if you can't deliver what you say you'd do. People will become disenchanted. In some cultures, a verbal promise is as binding as a written agreement. Being able to deliver what you say builds trust. If people have no trust or confidence in you, they won't respect you. If there is no respect, people won't care a thing about you or what you have to say. So it's important to be trustworthy and that has be earned.


Nel said...

Hi Rose! Thanks for droppin by my blog. Where did you find me? Anyway, I'm so glad to have shared something for you. I have just read this post of yours and this is really true. Even I am very particular with people's words especially if it's a promise. If people broke their promises, it's so difficult to earn the trust back.

I read your tylenol recall story. How is your child now? Is she/he still suffers from allergies? If you have read my previous post, you would know that we are vegetarians and we believe in food supplements especially aloe vera. I may have not experienced it in my family (re allergies) but I have friends who have kids healed because of aloe vera drinks. It might help your kid too, if she/he still has allergies. Let me know.

Are you American? How old are your kids? :) Keep in touch and again, thanks for your time. Be blessed!


A Vecchioni said...

It used to be that the mere implication of willingness to marry could obligate someone to formally enter into marriage (See: The Wooer and the Maiden; Erasmus; Ten Colloquies; circa 1500). The point is that a person had to choose words carefully because they were more than empty rhetoric.

Excellent article. --The distinction you raise is significant. Polished oratory too often wins the day, namely because of its emotional appeal. It's good to read examples of that deception at work.

RoseBelle said...

Journey and A Vecchioni - Thank you both for taking the time out to leave your comments.

RoseBelle said...

Hi A Vecchioni - It was so common in my workplace hearing managers making empty promises that the morale of the department dwindled down to nothing. Needless to say, the managers annual ratings given by their subordinates were in the 30-40 percentiles. Often times, people in the position of power resort to "polished oratory" to appeal to their audience. Just listen to the politicians...