Contaminated Water In San Francisco

Ewww, this morning I found my toilet bowl water was tainted light brown. I went to check the sink water and surely enough, it was brown. How gross considering I had already boiled water in a kettle for tea and made oatmeal. Drank my tea and ate my oatmeal before I noticed the toilet bowl water color. This shouldn't be happening. First of all, my house is only 4 years old so pretty brand new and here in San Francisco, we boast to have the cleanest and best water quality in America. Our water is so clean, it is considered safe to drink it out from the faucet. I still boil my water before drinking it though. But anyhow, back to the brown water, I guess maybe the pipelines from one of the reservoirs got contaminated or something. Next time, I know better, always check the toilet water first for color discoloration before cooking in the morning!