What Was The Manager Thinking 9/11?

My husband and I were just pulling out of our driveway heading to work when we heard about the first airplane that slammed into the tower one of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. At first, we didn't comprehend what was going on but I remember thinking "it's in New York, so far away from San Francisco...nothing to worry about..." but then moments later the radio announcer said a second plane just slammed into the second tower. At that point, we didn't know what to do. Turn around and go back home or continue our morning routine as usual, dropping off one kid to school and another to my mom for babysitting and then go to work? As we drove, we were waiting for that major announcement for everyone to stay indoor and that we were being attacked. We decided we would both go to work but not send our son to school instead we had my mom watched both kids.

Upon arriving to work, I found out that all airplanes were ordered to land. It was a dreaded moment filled with high anxiety because you were keeping on the suspense of not knowing what was happening to the country and why was it happening. Many of my coworkers who live outside of San Francisco were not in the office yet. Some called in to check if our office was opened or closed. My immediate supervisor told those who were impacted by the bridges closure to stay at home. Not too long after she got off the phone telling people to stay home, her manager called and asked her if everyone reported to work. My supervisor's boss showed up about half an hour later looking irritated. She asked why everyone was talking, the names of those who were absent and the reason for their absences. Her comments really annoyed everyone even my supervisor. What was the boss thinking? She disbanded the chatting groups and told everyone there was work to do and we needed to meet our daily deadline goal. How's that attitude - work first, people second - mentality going to make people feel valued and appreciative?


Sinh Khuong said...

I was watching TV and a news suddenly appeared with images of this event. I thought that it was an accident at first, finally I knew it was an attack. I'm so sorry for that, it's really terrible. Hope there will be nothing like that in future ;)