Serena Williams Disqualified and Fined $10,000

Serena Williams was disqualified from defending her US Open title for using profanity and violating sportsmanship conduct to a US Open linesperson on Saturday. Williams was penalized for a foot fault on her second serve. Instead of stepping to the baseline to serve again, Williams went over and shouted and cursed at the linesperson, pointing at her and shaking a ball at her. The linesperson reported to the line umpire who then reported to the chair. Everything started to go dowhhill for Williams from there. Disqualification, bad press, a fine of $10,000, and possibly more punishments for her "threatening behavior".

I have to admit, I admire her frankness at a press conference about her temper. She admitted that she used to have real bad temper but she has improved on that. Despite the fact that she was disqualified for her poor sportsmanship and erratic behavior, she walked over and shaked her opponent's hand, Kim Clijsters, after the disqualification was announced. Williams stood up straight and accepted her punishment. That's the way anyone can become a better person, you have to acknowledge and own up to your weakness or mistakes, that's how you can improve yourself and be a better person.

If you're interested in reading about the entire tirade, here's a news link: