School Lunch In America

My grade school daughter hates school cafeteria lunch. She tells me that there's plastic in the food and sometimes the food is cold and nasty. Where did she get these ideas? According to my precious, she said she found plastics in her hot dog one time which leads her to conclude that the chefs put plastics in the food. She said her food was not hot one time so she thinks the school doesn't cook the food right.

It's not easy making school lunches...I sometimes run out of ideas. Based on my daughter's lunchbox leftovers after school, I see she doesn't eat much of her lunch because a sandwich everyday is well, pretty boring and sickening. Even when I prepare hot food and put in a thermos lunch container, my daughter says the food is cold by lunchtime. I've done research on kid's thermos lunch containers and found one made by Thermos but they are out of stock presently so I'm on the waitlist. In the meantime, it's cold food for her - sandwiches, pastas, yogurt, or chicken salad. If I get sick of preparing the same old thing, I make her buy school lunch. After some whinings, which happens all the time, she gives in.

I get monthly lunch menu from the school. They are not bad at all. Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers, chicken teriyaki over rice and quesadilla. I ate school lunch when I was in grade school. Love them all...sloppy joe...hmmm...just delicious. My daughter always says, her friends would tell her this and that about cafeteria foods which makes her form this negative ideas about school lunches. The last excuse she gave was cafeteria food is not healthy because it's greasy. What can I say to that? I'm very conscientious about what to feed my kids. Eating wholesome and slow cooked food is a staple at my house. So when my daughter says the food is yucky and greasy, I don't want to be a hypocrite mom and tells her it's ok to eat certain foods at school but not at home. I know she could be just giving me excuses but on the same token, I don't want to force her to do something she strongly opposes. I managed to reach a compromise with my daughter though. I told her that she would need to eat cafeteria food once a week to give me a break and she agreed to that.