A Lazy Sunday

Weather is overcast in San Francisco today and there's not much going on or much to do. I'm sitting lazily on the coach watching my two girls, 4 and 8, dressed up in their favorite kung fu (inspired by Kung Fu Panda) outfits and play fighting. It's wondrous watching them playing with each other. It seems like they never run out of ideas - dress ups, singing, hide and seek, house, drawing on their easel, polishing their own nails and doing their own hair like they're in a salon. I'm not going to lie and say it's fun and peachy being a parent but I savor every moment because time flies. We lose everything to time so it's important to enjoy today...live in the moment.


Shawna Huggins said...

I love this post. I raised a daughter. She is now 24. I too cherished every moment and I'm so glad I did. It does go by quickly, but I witnessed it fully. She is now a vibrant, healthy, happy, young adult. I continue to enjoy and embrace her. I think that to be a good parent one must live in the moment. Yay to you and enjoying your beautiful children!

RoseBelle said...
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