#1 Google Ranking Myth

If people think they could get high search engine rankings by putting in every keyword they could think of in their META tags, they're in for a big surprise. Turns out Google and Yahoo ignore "keywords" META tags. Most people don't know what to do with their "keywords" META tags so they stuff every word they could think that relates to their website into the keyword META tag. It doesn't matter if you fill in your 'keywords" META tag because Google and Yahoo don't use them in web ranking. Google debunks this misunderstood practice in the following video:


A Vecchioni said...

One of my articles (about doing a Mondrian art project with kids) ranks very high in google and receives a steady flow of traffic--and has no keywords whatsoever because it's a page not a post. So, I think you're right.

All the Best

RoseBelle said...

Many years back, webmasters and spammers abused the keyword meta tag to get high ranking on the search engines. Other search engines may still do it, but Yahoo and Google have begin ignoring the keyword tags.

Thanks for sharing :)