Yale Student's Arrest

This morning, a suspect was arrested for the murder of a Yale graduate student, Annie Le. The suspect is a 24 year old. I always see a crime as a double tragedies for both the victim's and suspect's families. Of course, an arrest and conviction of a suspect brings some closures to the victim's family, although, in a murder case, it would not replace what was lost. As a parent, I can not fathom the thought of my child convicted of a crime especially heinous crimes. I would grieve too. The suspect of the Yale student's death is so young, just 24 years old. If convicted, it would be either a death sentence or life in prison. It's a life lost for the victim and a life not lived for the suspect. Some would argue you pay for your crime, and I would not argue against that, there's got to be law and order otherwise it'd be chaos everywhere but, it's not just the criminals paying for the crime, it's also the family, especially their parents who have to deal with the pain.