Children Tylenol Recall

This recall announcement comes out a bit too late in my opinion. Funny thing though, a friend of mine once told me that kids are very intuitive. Here's why I'm saying this. Early this year, my 8 year old daughter was sick. She is allergic to mold so sometimes I can't distinguish if she caught the cold or it's her allergy. If my home remedies of chicken soup and eating specific kinds of vegetables such as celery and radishes (great for runny nose) don't work, I know it's her allergy. She always take her Tylenol allergy medicine without putting up a fight. I remember this one particular time this year, she just didn't want to take her medicine. It was a losing battle for me so I gave in. She just kept saying "I don't want it...I'm going to throw up if I take it". Even after I reassured her that it wouldn't make her sicker, she was still reluctant so I didn't force her. Turns out the Tylenol medicine that I always give my daughter was on the recall list, Children's Tylenol Plus Cold/Allergy. Tylenol said that bacteria was found in one of the ingredients for their liquid cold, cough and pain medications. Thinking back now, maybe my daughter sensed something bad about the medicine but just couldn't verbalize it correctly other than "it would make me throw up". I learned early on as a parent to listen to my kids when they tell me things, as crazy and wild as they may sound, I want them to know I trust and care about their feelings and what they have to say.

There has been other recent recalls as well so please take the time to look them over as a precaution.