Charles Darwin Film

It's unfortunate that Charles Darwin Creation movie won't make it to the big screen in the U.S. because there is no distributor for the film. Isn't it contradictory of what we were forced to learn in school in our science classes about evolution? I remember learning about Charles Darwin "The Origin of Species" in middle or high school. Fascinating stuff Darwin got there but despite all that I've learned about human evolution (I even took one semester of Anthropology in college), I still believe in a higher being. There are way too many unknown things that science can not explain: document cases of out of body experiences, paranormal activities, and past life regression.

The one thing I learned is that you can never force an opinion about religion on anyone. It is something that has to come from within. Religious people shouldn't be afraid that this film will make people stop believing in God. People will believe in what they want to believe...we will all find our spiritual path when the time comes.