About Computer Virus Protection

My four year old daughter texts on AIM. She can not read or write much but she's getting good at word recognition. She knows "LOL" and "BRB". She has her uncles and their girlfriends on her buddy list and sometimes she'd text them a "hi" when they're at work follow by jibberish things. Growing up with two older siblings who are computer literate, it's no wonder she became fascinated with the computer at such a young age.

Kids+computer=disaster...sometimes. My computers were infected twice already in the past 3 years or so. One notably in 2007, a very well known virus called "Storm" that made news headlines. Let me tell you, the experience was horrible. The first time, we lost all saved documents and files including family pictures downloaded from our digital camera. We didn't have or know anyone who could clean our virus infected computer. A good lesson was learned from the first bad experience though.

We took action by investing in softwares and firewalls to protect our computers:

1) We equipped our computers with both anti-virus (AV) and anti-spyware (AS) softwares to protect our computers from viral and spyware issues. We downloaded for free AVG Free Download. Of course, the best softwares in the world won't do us any good if we didn't educate our kids about these computer pests. Prevention is key to keeping our computers safe. We taught our kids, even the little four year old, not to click on pop up ads, download anything without approvals from the parents, and self note to ourselves, don't open any email attachments from unknown source.
2) Firewall: to protect from unwanted communications, visitors, and programs from your computer. There are many firewall products. You can review them at Personal Firewall Reviews and choose which suits your needs.
3) Scan our computer on a monthly basis or sooner if we detected any unusual activities such as the infected blogsites I mentioned from my last post.
4) Update our operating systems. We go to Update.Microsoft.com for all the latest updates.
5) Update our AV and AS software programs since worms, spywares, and viruses are ever changing pests.

So far (knock on wood), we haven't had any problems until a couple of days ago when I was visiting two blogs that were infected by something. I shut down my computer twice and scanned the computer twice for any spyware or viruses. Luckily there was no damage done to my computer.


Jaye said...

simple steps but they keep you safe!

RoseBelle said...

So very true Jaye but not many people realize how important it is to invest in these softwares. I worked with people who think they are such a waste of money.